8 hours 15 minutes is the reference point of new time, time of fear before catastrophic weapon, ready to launch a devastating blow to the world. 

6 and 9 august are the days when USA launched atomic attack on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. During these dates in A3 Gallery we remember this event and make cranes. We invite everyone to join our action. The cranes will be included in the installation of "8:15"

On the 17th of August in A3 Gallery the installation "8:15", photographs, video, will take place.

During out journey we, artists Vladimir and Maya Opara, asked out friends and newly gained acquaintances to make Japanese cranes for an art installation. The cranes will remind everyone of a terrible tragedy, that happened in 1945 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the cranes will call to remember about the existing today danger of atomic catastrophe!

In our project the cranes are different, just like people: white, black, yellow, red, with their own characteristics. Out cranes will hold the warmth of people's hands that made them. All the cranes are named. On the wings by whom, when and where the crane was made is written. The first cranes were made in Amsterdam, in Stedelijk Museum's cafe. The visitors of the case joined is. After that the cranes traveled to Estonia, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, France, Netherlands.

Anyone, willing to join their voice of protest against atomic weapon usage, weapon of mass distraction, can take part in the project. The art installation will be exhibition in State Exhibition Hall "A3 Gallery". The project started in July 2014 and will end in August 2015


Vladimir Opara says: "someone might think, that this action has no meaning, that the cranes were done before, and it is a symbol known to everyone, but it is not true. This action is like an alarm, that sounds again and reminds about a terrible tragedy of August 1945. Perhaps the cranes should be made on regular basis, in all the countries, not stopping for a second! It is like a prayer. Every day. When we made cranes in the cafe of the museum of modern art in Amsterdam, a Japanese lady came to us and inquired with a smile about what we were doing. We explained. The smile disappeared and sadness and sorrow distorted her face. It is remembered in Japan. It should be remembered in the whole world. And the most important is not to prevent the repetition of the tragedy and stop today's insane politicians, that talk about a possible usage of atomic weapon during conflicts."

08:15. Installation. Exhibition "Vladimir Opara. I exist in a constantly changing landscape.  MMOMA 2017

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